Impact Ignite

We have always been passionate about working with the next generation of social ventures, however our cost structure has traditionally made it more difficult for new and/or smaller growing for-profit or non-profit organizations to benefit from our services.  To address this gap in our offering, we have developed Impact Ignite.

Impact Ignite provides management teams of growing social ventures (<$2M in revenue) with custom strategy design for a three month increment at a heavily discounted packaged rate.

Managed through our Impact Field Institute group, this service is delivered to portfolio companies on behalf of our impact oriented Incubator/Accelerator, Academic, Grantmaker and Investment clients.  Most of these venture developing capital providers have capacity constraints and/or have outsourced much of the ongoing strategy design support to well intentioned executive volunteers.  While this may work in more established financing industries (e.g. tech venture development), the nascent Impact ecosystem does not have enough high-quality executive volunteers and has a much longer financing cycle.  Moreover, due to their dual interests, social ventures have more complicated business models and need an even greater level of support from their funders.

Impact Ignite provides value to capital providers because it extends the level of consistent high-quality professional support necessary for portfolio companies to maximize impact and/or financial returns.

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